The European Database of Seismogenic Faults

This wesite contains data, software, texts and elaborations prepared by researchers of the Project SHARE, Work Package 3 (coordinated by Gianluca Valensise) Task 2.

Task 2 Team at INGV is formed by:

Roberto Basili: task leader

Vanja Kastelic: data collection and analysis

Gabriele Tarabusi: database management and programming

Anna De Santis: system manager

SHARE Regional Subdivision

Central Mediterranean INGV, Italy G. Valensise DISS Working Group, INGV, Italy
Northern Africa CRAAG, Algeria K. Yelles P. Petricca, INGV, Italy
Iberia IST, Portugal J. Fonseca E.S. Nemser, IST, Portugal
Central Europe ROB, Belgium T. Camelbeeck D. Garcia Moreno, ROB, Belgium
Eastern Europe MSO, Montenegro;
NIEP, Romania
B. Glavatovic;
M. Radulian
V. Kastelic, INGV, Italy
Aegean NKUA, Greece;
AUTH, Greece
K.C. Makropoulos;
S. Pavlides
R. Caputo, S. Sboras, University of Ferrara, Italy
Anatolia KOERI, Turkey M. Erdik M.B. Demircioglu, KOERI, Turkey
Subductions INGV, Italy G. Valensise P. Petricca, M.M. Tiberti, INGV, Italy

Excerpt from the SHARE Project DoW
"The Database of individual Seismogenic Sources, compiled by INGV (DISS, first released in 2000: DISS Working Group, 2007, DISS) and its extension to S. Europe compiled within the EC-funded project FAUST and released in 2001-2002 (FAUST) will be expanded to the larger Euro-Mediterranean area. Common standards for the definition and characterization of active faults and active seismogenic sources will be adopted and consensus will be built by frequent exchanges and through regional meetings. Particular attention will be devoted to Quality Assurance and the characterization of uncertainties and of multiple interpretations, to ensure a homogenous input for use in hazard assessment. The European database of active faults and seismogenic sources, to be used by all project partners and open to all users, will be compiled and maintained by INGV."

SHARE Regional Subdivision

Supported by
SHARE | Work Package 3 | Task 3.2
Seismic Hazard Harmonization in Europe
Seventh Framework Programme (FP7)
Grant Agreement No.226769
1 June 2009 - 31 May 2012