The European Database of Seismogenic Faults

General information
Region Central Europe
Code ATCS003
Name Aderklaa-Bockfliess
Compiler(s) Garcia Moreno D.(1)
Contributor(s) Garcia Moreno D.(1), Decker K.(2), Camelbeeck T.(1)
Created 02/07/2010
Updated 02/07/2010

Parametric information
Parameter Qual. Evidence
Min Depth (km) 0 EJ Inferred from geomorphology
Max Depth (km) 6 LD Based on unpublished 3-D seismic data
Strike (deg) 180 - 220 LD Based on 3-D seismic surveys, geological and geomorphological maps
Dip (deg) 40 - 70 EJ Inferred from 3-D seismic surveys (Hinsch et al., 2005, Decker et al., 2005)
Rake (deg) 270 - 290 EJ Inferred from geological and geomorphological data
Slip Rate (mm/y) 0.01 - 0.05 EJ Inferred from Quaternary geology and geomorphology
Max Magnitude (Mw) 6.2 EJ Based on the maximum rupture area (Wells & Coppersmith, 1994)
Q-keys: LD = Literature Data; OD = Original Data; ER = Empirical Relationship; AR = Analytical Relationship; EJ = Expert Judgement

1) Royal Observatory of Belgium; Seismology; 3 Avenue Circulaire, 1180 (Uccle), Brussels. Belgium
2) Center for Earth Sciences; Departament for Geodynamics and Sedimentology; UZA II - Universitätszentrum Althanstrasse. Althanstrasse 14, 1090 Vienna, Austria