The European Database of Seismogenic Faults

General information
Region Central Europe
Code ATCS013
Name Inntal
Compiler(s) Garcia Moreno D.(1)
Contributor(s) Garcia Moreno D.(1), Decker K.(2), Camelbeeck T.(1)
Created 08/05/2010
Updated 08/05/2010

Parametric information
Parameter Qual. Evidence
Min Depth (km) 4.5 LD Based on earthquake data (Lenhardt et al., 2007)
Max Depth (km) 11.5 LD Based on geophysical and earthquake data
Strike (deg) 50 - 80 LD Based on structural and geological maps (Linzer et al.,2002; Ortner et al.,2006)
Dip (deg) 60 - 80 EJ Inferred from a seismic survey (Ortner et al.,2006)
Rake (deg) 10 - 30 EJ Based on a structural & geological data (Ortner et al.,2006)
Slip Rate (mm/y) 0.5 - 1 LD Based on GPS data from Reiter et al. (2005)
Max Magnitude (Mw) 6.1 ER Based on the Wells & Coppersmith (1994) relationship (Lenhardt et al., 2007)
Q-keys: LD = Literature Data; OD = Original Data; ER = Empirical Relationship; AR = Analytical Relationship; EJ = Expert Judgement

1) Royal Observatory of Belgium; Seismology; 3 Avenue Circulaire, 1180 (Uccle), Brussels. Belgium
2) Center for Earth Sciences; Departament for Geodynamics and Sedimentology; UZA II - Universitätszentrum Althanstrasse. Althanstrasse 14, 1090 Vienna, Austria