The European Database of Seismogenic Faults

General information
Region Central Europe
Code DECS008
Name Kirspenicher fault
Compiler(s) Vanneste K.(1)
Contributor(s) Verbeeck K.(1)
Created 30/01/2011
Updated 30/01/2011

Parametric information
Parameter Qual. Evidence
Min Depth (km) 0 LD Fault affects late Quaternary deposits;Geomorphic expression
Max Depth (km) 22.1 EJ Based on average dip, and max. seismogenic depth, and width-length ratio <= 1.25
Strike (deg) 114 - 146 LD One-sigma range of strike of mapped surface trace
Dip (deg) 50 - 65 EJ General estimate from mining & seismic-reflection data, & hypocenter of large eq
Rake (deg) 247 - 297 AR Shear direction resolved for evaluated dip and strike range from stress tensor
Slip Rate (mm/y) 0.01 - 0.01 LD Converted from published vertical deformation rate
Max Magnitude (Mw) 6.6 ER Based on length of mapped surface trace
Q-keys: LD = Literature Data; OD = Original Data; ER = Empirical Relationship; AR = Analytical Relationship; EJ = Expert Judgement

1) Royal Observatory of Belgium; Seismology; 3 Avenue Circulaire, 1180 (Uccle), Brussels. Belgium