The European Database of Seismogenic Faults

General information
Region Central Europe
Code DECS011
Name Northern Rhine River
Compiler(s) Garcia Moreno D.(1)
Contributor(s) Vanneste K.(1), Verbeeck K.(1)
Created 26/04/2010
Updated 26/04/2010

Parametric information
Parameter Qual. Evidence
Min Depth (km) 0 LD Assumed from the geomorphology.
Max Depth (km) 15 LD Inferred from Earthquake and geophysical data (Niviere et al., 2007).
Strike (deg) 155 - 175 LD Based on geomorphological information (Niviere et al., 2007).
Dip (deg) 50 - 70 LD From Earthquakes, geomorphology and geophysics (Niviere et al., 2007).
Rake (deg) 300 - 350 EJ Inferred from earthquake and GPS data.
Slip Rate (mm/y) 0.07 - 0.1 LD Based on geological and geodetic data (Bertrand et al., 2006).
Max Magnitude (Mw) 6.7 ER Based on fault size (Niviere et al., 2007).
Q-keys: LD = Literature Data; OD = Original Data; ER = Empirical Relationship; AR = Analytical Relationship; EJ = Expert Judgement

1) Royal Observatory of Belgium; Seismology; 3 Avenue Circulaire, 1180 (Uccle), Brussels. Belgium