The European Database of Seismogenic Faults

General information
Region Central Mediterranean
Code HRCS010
Name Palagruza
Compiler(s) Kastelic V.(1), Scrocca D.(2), Tiberti M.M.(1), Basili R.(1)
Contributor(s) Kastelic V.(1), Scrocca D.(2), Tiberti M.M.(1), Basili R.(1), Carafa M.M.(1)
Created 24/06/2010
Updated 05/05/2011

Parametric information
Parameter Qual. Evidence
Min Depth (km) 2 EJ Inferred from regional tectonic and geologic considerations.
Max Depth (km) 12 EJ Inferred from regional tectonic, geologic and seismological considerations.
Strike (deg) 275 - 350 LD Based on structural and geomorphic data and on focal mechanism solutions.
Dip (deg) 35 - 50 LD Based on structural data and focal mechanism solutions.
Rake (deg) 70 - 100 LD Based on seismological and structural data.
Slip Rate (mm/y) 0.08 - 0.25 EJ Inferred from geodynamic data and geological considerations.
Max Magnitude (Mw) 6 EJ Inferred from fault characteristics, earthquake data and regional geodynamics.
Q-keys: LD = Literature Data; OD = Original Data; ER = Empirical Relationship; AR = Analytical Relationship; EJ = Expert Judgement

1) Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia; Sismologia e Tettonofisica; Via di Vigna Murata, 605, I-00143 Roma, Italy
2) CNR; Istituto di Geologia Ambientale e Geoingegneria; Rome, Italy